I wish I could promise that by simply listening to this podcast and the interviews in each episode, you would magically because more successful and wealthy, but unfortunately my legal counsel advised against it. (Thanks, Dad)

What I can do, however, is share some of the facts I have learned about success in my journey as an entrepreneur.

  • I am responsible for my own success
  • No one else will do it for me
  • No amount of knowledge will make a difference if it is not applied
  • Experience is the best teacher, but who said it has to be my experience?
  • I must take action

Now, read that list to yourself, out loud. I cannot make you a success. Your broker, manager, spouse, partner, significant other, mom or dad cannot ensure you are successful. Only you can do that, and I believe I’m creating a place where I can help you, help you.

Stick around and find out.